March 23, 2020

Unemployment and COVID-19: Alaska

Image of money with the word job losses typed across the center with coronavirus cells scattered throughout.

COVID-19 scenarios and benefits available for claimants filing with Alaska
This information may change based on federal legislation currently being considered regarding Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits.

Q. If I am no longer working as a result of COVID-19, can I file for UI benefits?

A. Yes. You can file a UI claim at

Q. If my employer has allowed me to work remotely from home, am I eligible for UI benefits?

A. Potentially. You can file an application and will need to report your earnings.

Q. What if I had to take leave because my children are out of school due to closures?

A. You can file a claim and your eligibility will be reviewed. At this time, you may not be eligible to receive payment because you are not considered available for full-time work.

Q. What if I have to take time off work because I have contracted COVID-19?

A. If you are unable to work full-time due to illness, you may not be considered eligible for UI benefits currently.

Q. What is a request to isolate or quarantine?

A. Instruction from an employer, medical professional, or government official to stay home.

Q. What if I am advised to quarantine myself, but I am not sick and am still willing and able to work?

A. If you are given a date when you can return to work, you may be eligible for benefits during the time you are quarantined. You can file a claim and your eligibility will be reviewed.

Q. What if my employer has had to reduce staff or close their business due to COVID-19?

A. If your employer has told you they do not have work for you due to reduction in their workforce, or closure of business you are considered to be laid off. You can file for UI benefits.

Q. What if I contracted COVID-19 on the job?

A. You may need to contact Workers Compensation if you have questions about your eligibility for these types of benefits.

Q. How am I supposed to meet deadlines required by the UI program?

A. Your requirements will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you are asked to contact the UI claim centers by a set deadline, you must still do so. If you are required to complete a Reemployment and Services Assessment through a job center, they are currently working on ways to accommodate alternative options, such as telephone and Skype.

Q. What if I work for a school and am not working due to school closures outside the regularly scheduled spring break dates?

A. You may be eligible for benefits. You can apply online and your individual circumstances will be reviewed.