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Our program is designed to deliver tangible savings, not simply process claims paperwork. Contact us to lower 
your unemployment costs and generate savings.


Discover just how low your unemployment and tax costs could be

We reduce your unemployment claims costs, drive down your UI tax rate, and give you back more time to focus on your business.

UC Alternative applies deep knowledge, unrivaled expertise, and decades of experience to simplify a complex unemployment landscape and help you achieve the best outcomes. Leading organizations trust UC Alternative to capture more unemployment claims and UI tax savings. And best-in-class businesses realize better results thanks to our industry-first performance-based fee structure that rewards us for outcomes, not volume.

Drive down your unemployment costs and administrative burden.

Achieve the lowest possible
UI tax rate for your industry,
in your state.

Save time by outsourcing employment and wage verification.


Realize exceptional results like these

$4.8 Million

Cumulative tax savings achieved by driving down UI tax rate from 1.7% to 0.5% in three years for a company with 9,000 employees.

$4.2 Million

Cumulative tax savings achieved by reducing UI tax rate from 1.8% to 0.1% in three years for a company with 6,000 employees.


Cumulative savings achieved by reducing unemployment claim costs over four years for a reimbursable company with 4,100 employees.

Unemployment Services

Save 40% or more on claims costs

Evolving regulations, rising costs, and strained budgets make it tough to manage your unemployment claims in-house. And it’s never been more important to keep those costs down and identify every savings opportunity.

That’s why businesses trust UC Alternative to manage their unemployment claims.

We don’t just process unemployment claims; we take ownership of this function to save you as much as possible. Our experts uncover the true cost of your unemployment claims, then apply proven approaches to win more claims upfront and avoid costly hearings. We even strive to achieve the lowest UI tax rate possible for your industry and state. And because we’re paid for performance—not volume—we have a strong incentive to optimize your savings.

By combining deep expertise, proven processes, advanced technology, and exceptional service, our outsourced unemployment cost reduction programs capture more savings while freeing you from the administrative burden of managing claims.

UC Verify Services

Eliminate the burden of handling verification requests

Fulfilling requests to verify employment or wages takes time and attention that pulls your staff away from your core operations. That’s why many employers trust UC Alternative to provide secure, timely verification services.

We automate and simplify employment and income verifications and wage audits, speeding the process and taking the burden off your HR or accounting team. With UC Alternative as your verification provider, you’ll gain confidence that each request is handled quickly and accurately. Our secure portal, upfront validation checks, and rigorous security measures ensure only authorized verifiers can access your payroll and employment records on our systems.

By outsourcing employment and wage verification to UC Alternative, you’ll gain more time to focus on your core business while ensuring verifiers obtain accurate information in a timely way.

Gain the benefit of a true service partner

UC Alternative is much more than a claims processor. We’re your trusted partner, deeply committed to your success. Our knowledgeable, responsible professionals demonstrate that dedication every day by delivering the exceptional, personalized service your business deserves.

We navigate the complexities of the unemployment claims process on your behalf at every step, including claim appeals, and customize our programs to your needs to achieve the best outcomes. Our training equips your team to follow policies and procedures that are essential to getting unemployment claims processed properly. Our dashboards put critical data at your fingertips, so you can monitor activity, assess how your program is working, and identify opportunities to save even more. And if you have questions or need support, you’ll find our team easy to work with, highly knowledgeable, and incredibly responsive.


Team up with the experts

The unemployment landscape is complex and ever-changing, making it tough to keep current. As your expert guide, UC Alternative applies our deep knowledge of unemployment law and decades of experience helping businesses achieve the best claims savings.

UC Alternative’s founders have continually developed innovative ways to help leading businesses realize the optimal unemployment outcomes. Our precision-focused methods—honed over 30+ years—improve accuracy, keep processes moving efficiently, and simplify compliance with state-specific laws and regulations.

We even provide guidance on the internal procedures that can help your team support a successful unemployment claims process and ensure you’re always fulfilling requirements and meeting critical deadlines.

You won’t find a more experienced or knowledgeable provider in the industry.


Our satisfied clients say it all

I’ve had a tremendous experience with UCA. They work tirelessly to not only deliver against our goals, but do so with excellence across the board.

HR Shared Services, Director

From an operational perspective, UC Alternative customized approach meets our needs. They go the extra mile for us.

HR, Vice President