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What does the IRS moratorium on ERC mean?

Despite reports suggesting that the IRS is "halting" the ERC, they are still accepting new claims within statutory deadlines. We encourage businesses to pursue the ERC due to the extended evaluation timeline, as it remains a valuable resource for financial relief.

Provider of an innovative unemployment program designed to outperform.

We reduce unemployment costs up to 40% or more.

Three factors drive our results and outperformance.

We approach all claims other than those for lack of work (LOW) as winnable opportunities. Our expectation is that we’re going to win every claim early in the claim process at the front end.

Our responses to claims are far from boilerplate. We carefully review all facts and documentation related to each claim and build a winning response that capitalizes on our knowledge and experience with unemployment in each state.

With performance bonus tied to results, we have skin in the game, so your savings goals become our objectives.

What does up to 40% annual savings look like?

Case 1


Cumulative Tax Savings For A Client Employing 9,000

1.7% to 0.5%​

Lower Unemployment Tax Rate After 3 Years

Case 2


Cumulative Tax Savings For A Client Employing 6,000

1.8% to 0.1%

Lower Unemployment Tax Rate After 4 Years

Case 3


Cumulative Unemployment Cost Savings For A Client Employing 4,100

Reimbursable Employer

Lower Unemployment Costs After 4 Years

Service Excellence

Receive complete end-to-end unemployment outsourcing without organizational noise.

Peace of Mind

Obtain peace of mind from our ownership of the claims administration burden.

Our client service outperforms to earn your 

satisfaction year after year.

I've had a tremendous experience with UCA. They work tirelessly to not only deliver against our goals, but do so with excellence across the board.
HR Shared Services
From an operational perspective, UC Alternative customized approach meets our needs. They go the extra mile for us.
Vice President

Use our savings to offset turnover costs, fund priorities, or increase profitability.

Let us outperform your expectations.

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