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Get to Know UC Alternative

We’re the partner that leading organizations trust to reduce unemployment costs and maximize tax savings in a complex, ever-evolving landscape.

UC Alternative has been serving employers for over three decades, helping businesses spend less on unemployment claims and taxes. We were founded on a mission to deliver the greatest business impact for our clients, and that mission still propels us forward today.


Our unique approach delivers stronger results

Whether we’re managing unemployment claims, working to reduce a business’s UI tax rate, or providing employment verification services, UC Alternative takes a different approach that translates to better results.

Here’s why UC Alternative is simply the best partner for reducing unemployment claims and optimizing tax savings:

Outcomes-based programs
that provide a strong incentive for our team to generate high-impact results

Proven processes
that achieve better outcomes—from winning more unemployment claims to driving UI tax rates below industry averages

A persistent,
tenacious approach

that’s driven by a commitment to continually improve your program results

Complete ownership
of claims management, freeing your staff from administrative burdens while delivering better outcomes

Unmatched expertise,
led by a team that’s been providing employers with highly valuable unemployment services for over three decades

that’s easy for our clients to use, including reporting systems that put valuable data and actionable insights at your fingertips

Scalable systems
capable of supporting over 1 million employees for unemployment claims and verification services

Sophisticated models
that allow us to project UI tax rate savings accurately, instilling confidence in our ability to drive significant bottom-line impact

Customized services,
always tailored to your business’s unique needs and circumstances


Our history sets the foundation for our success today


John Doran founds TBT Enterprises to help employers realize significant unemployment savings


John sells TBT Enterprises to TALX Corporation (which later becomes Equifax)


John co-founds UC Alternative alongside Tina Nguyen and Raj Gill to continue delivering valuable unemployment claims to employers


UC Alternative introduces an industry-leading performance-based fee structure for managing unemployment claims


UC Alternative adds a cost-effective, efficient service for verifying employment and income, serving employers nationally called UCVerify

Choose a partner that shares your values


We’re committed to being open, candid, and transparent in all our communication and interactions, with every client, employee, supplier, or other stakeholder


Our team is highly passionate about delivering the strongest results possible for our clients, always striving to make a better business impact


From the talent we attract and retain, to the systems and processes that drive our work, we’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality in the industry


We take full ownership of the programs we manage on our clients’ behalf, from leading the process to driving results


Our philosophy and processes center around one overarching goal: delivering the best possible results for every client


Our satisfied clients say it all

I’ve had a tremendous experience with UCA. They work tirelessly to not only deliver against our goals, but do so with excellence across the board.

HR Shared Services, Director

From an operational perspective, UC Alternative customized approach meets our needs. They go the extra mile for us.

HR, Vice President