Removing an Olive: Cost Containment, Unemployment Tax Rates

Over 30 years ago, American Airlines made news by revealing they reduced operating costs by $40,000 just by serving salads with one less olive. That would amount to almost $100,000 today. A small change to their process, with a big impact. Thinking of cost-containment strategies is not a top priority when things are good. However, reviewing cost-containment measures is a wise practice anytime, but especially when things are going well. The tide will always turn, markets and unemployment will always fluctuate. Properly preparing now, can yield immediate and long-term benefits.

For example: Do you know if your company’s unemployment tax rate is the lowest that it could be? Assessing your tax rate compared to your industry, and applicable states could be the first step to saving your company hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

Contact us today: Use reference code: UCAOL, for a free assessment. If there’s an olive to pluck from your unemployment tax rates, we will find it.